201 Series Double Snake Tray®

The Double Snake with its double pocket design provides a natural separation for both voice/data cables and fiber. Accommodating up to 50 square inches of cable path Double Snake can manage over 500 voice/data cables both below raised floors or overhead either mounted to walls or suspended from the ceiling. Snake Eyes (mounting rings) are located along the center spine, allowing easy attachment of threaded rod for suspended applications.

Snake Tray
Snake Tray Install in Seconds!
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Watch as we show SnakeTray's patented hand bendable design which allows installers to create turns in 10 seconds versus 20 minutes with wire mesh cable tray.
Snake Tray®
    • Just Bend It
    • Built-in Mounting/Hanging Hardware
    • Single Connection
    • Hangs from a Single Point
    • Trays Nest Together
    • Open architecture
201 Series Double Snake Tray® PRoduct Specifications