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Snake Tray Custom Enclosures

Snake Tray Custom Enclosures Hide in Plain Sight

Bringing power and connectivity to the point of need is usually one of the final steps in any construction project and often requires the most flexibility. It isn’t until the end of a job when electrical contractors learn the provided custom enclosures weren’t designed or sized properly, that additional data lines and ports or an integrated power module are needed, or that the customer changed the floor layout, cubicle arrangement, or data port configuration without notice. 

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Innovating Cable Management

Innovating Cable Management Solutions for Solar!

In the 28 years since Snake Tray was founded the company has grown into the industry leader in cable management. All Snake Tray products are designed around the principle of helping our customers lower their costs with innovative solutions that save on labor, take less time to install, and generally use less materials and hardware.

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Snake Max for AI Data Center Cabling

Snake Tray Helps Data Centers Rise to the AI Power Challenge

Welcome to the future of AI Data Centers Cabling. As Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape the tech landscape, the demand for efficient and advanced cabling solutions in data centers is soaring. In this article, we explore how Snake Tray is revolutionizing the cabling infrastructure to meet the unique demands of AI-driven data centers. Read on to discover how you can future-proof your data center for the AI era.

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solar max xl clicks

Create Energy. Store Energy. Use Energy. It’s all in the “Click”.

Snake Tray invented the Solar Snake Max XL. The world’s first above ground free-air cable conveyance system designed to help utility-grade solar installations overcome the challenges of burying cables. In addition to eliminating the time, expense, and messy process of digging and filling trenches with miles of DC cables, free-air cable conveyance maximizes energy harvest by preventing the heat buildup that occurs when high ampacity cables are bundled or buried.

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