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Snake Tray cable trays enhancing open ceiling workplace design with a modern, industrial aesthetic

Make an Architectural Statement with Snake Tray Cable Trays

What’s old is new and hip again. Reviving a classic trend in workplace design.

For many decades the industrial architectural style featuring high open ceilings with exposed pipes, electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, and ventilation was extremely popular in large commercial offices, warehouses, and factories. Then along came the Information Age with its’ miles of data and communications cables crisscrossing the ceiling and there was a shift to decorative dropped ceilings to keep them out of sight. Now the pendulum has swung back.

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cable dropouts and connectivity enclosures into work cells

Snake Tray Helps American Factories Make a Comeback

COVID-19 exposed the vulnerability of global supply chains. After decades of outsourcing manufacturing to nations with cheaper labor, American businesses are now paying the price. Three years into the pandemic US manufacturers are still subject to supply chain disruptions stemming from China’s zero-tolerance COVID policy and other regional outbreaks that cause sudden labor shortages and unexpected factory closures, a global shipping container and port crisis, and inflationary prices for critical raw materials and components.

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Snake Tray Improves Quality of Life at Assisted Living Facilities

As the Baby Boomer Generation ages beyond retirement years, the construction of new elderly care facilities and the renovation of older ones has become one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. economy. Learn how Snake Tray helps improve quality of life at assisted living facilities with their hand-bendable cable trays and customizable enclosures, bringing technology to every room.

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Snake Canyon: The Solution for Buildings with Raised Access Floor Buildings

Snake Tray 301 Series Snake Canyon®: The Ultimate Cabling Solution for Buildings With Raised Access Floors

We live in an increasingly wireless world, yet wires aren’t going away. In fact, today there are more wires and cables than ever keeping us all connected – we’re just getting better at hiding them, that’s all.
This articles discusses why Snake Tray's Snake Canyon is the ultimate solution for buildings with raised access floor buildings

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Combat Inflation with Snake Tray

Combat the Costs of Rising Inflation with Snake Tray Products

As we emerge from the pandemic supply chain disruptions continue to affect everything from computer chips to what’s on our grocery store shelves. Pent up demand and too few goods have yielded inflation rates not seen in decades. Factor in rising labor costs due to a skills shortage plus a fragile global geo-political environment and you’ve got the perfect storm for inflation.

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