“In healthcare, space is at a premium. In our new neonatal intensive care unit, cable pathways had to compete for space with large air ducts, multiple power systems, medical gas piping, pneumatic delivery tubes, and more. The Snake Tray line of products enabled cable pathways to be the only system adaptable to whatever space was available. Flexible pathways maneuvered around other systems and kept the cables fully supported and off of those other systems. High capacity Mega Snake Tray eliminated the need for trapeze brackets which would have taken up inches that were not available. Even small Wall Snake Tray, mounted just above the ceiling, found those few remaining inches to support cables off of the ceiling grid and tiles. Renovations in older buildings are always a challenge. Snake Tray products enable the maximum use of available space. In the world of healthcare engineering, it is nice when one overhead utility can be flexible.”
Michael J. Cleveland, RCDD, NTS, OSP
Senior Analyst, Healthcare Technology

“Our guys in the field installed the first 1100 feet of the snake tray in about 3 hours. I was impressed. So far it’s been a real time saver. I will be ordering probably another 200 pcs minimum.”
R Burger, Procurement Manager, Dovetail Solar and Wind

“All I know is Mega Snake is the most versatile, installer friendly product, and it’s use of the suspended ceiling system really is a great relief from having to deal with all typical hardware issues.”
D. Culver, D.C. Cabling

“I just wanted to say that your product is FANTASTIC!! Even the Canadian contractors, who had never used it before, were making statements like, ‘This product is great.’ Snake Canyon is really versatile; we’re definitely going to use more of it at other sites!”
Bruce Mizell, Contractor, Edward Jones

“My company saved $1.5 million on installation costs using Snake Tray.”
Electrical Contractor

“By installing Snake Canyon, we finished the project 3 weeks ahead of time.”
U.S. Telecommunications Company

“Snake Bus saved us 40% on electrical installation costs, we estimated 140 hours and installed it in 18 hours.”
Electrical Contractor

“I can’t tell you how easy it was. Two of the university’s facility guys who had never seen the product before were able to complete a fairly difficult installation from a concrete wall on a right angle to a data cabinet within 1 hour. It looks great and the customer is really happy”.
Mike Ward, Bronder Technical Services

“We were able to install the system ourselves in a matter of hours and we were quite impressed with how easy it was to install. I hope to have the opportunity to specify Snake Tray on future projects.”
Michael Powers, Powers Engineering Inc.

“Snake Tray 101 series installed 20 times faster…”
International Engineering Firm

“We installed Snake Canyon in 1/3 of the hours we estimated…”
Major U.S. Retailer