Snake-Loc Cable Hanger for Messenger Wire

Quickly top load the PV cables directly into this light weight double pocket hanger with a squeeze lock feature that quickly attaches onto the messenger wire to secure the string cables.  Significantly reduces time and labor by requiring no tools. Hanger stays in place on the messenger wire.

Part Number Description
CM 407-SK-0985 3" Cable Hanger
CM 407-SK-1012 5" Cable Hanger

String and Feeder Cable Hanger

As utility grade systems grow in size so does the size of string cables. Utilize Snake Tray’s tree hanger with a capacity of up to a quantity of 16, 750 Kcmil cables per hanger. Ideal for larger scale projects and can even be stacked to create a modular system to further increase capacity.  The side loading feature offers quick access to installing and maintaining cables for reduced labor costs. No trenching for minimal ground disturbance. The large capacity loops will handle any size of cable bundle easily and effectively.

Part Number
CM 407-SK-0975

Torque Tube Cable Hanger

Tube hangers point in the right direction and are designed with innovative features that provide a dual round section to manage cable as trackers move daily up to 67 degrees following the sun from east to west. Our hangers can be custom designed to fit any style of fixed tilt or tracker for a secure fit over any style torque tube or fixed tilt structure.

Part Number
CM 407-SK-0972

Solar Torque Tube Cable Hanger

Quick snap on torque tube hanger with single pocket for managing cables. Powder coat or stainless steel. Available in multiple sizes according to customer specifications.

Part Number Description
CM 407-SK-1069 For 4" Square Tube, Gray
CM 407-SK-1069-SS For 4" Square Tube, Stainless Steel