Modular cable tray system for access floors reduces labor costs and saves on installation time!

Snake Canyon has revolutionized the way cable tray can be installed in computer access floors.  Our patented systems can instantly
integrate with the access floor to create the fastest installing system in today’s market.


  • Patented modular system integrates with the structural elements of an access floor
  • Installs in any brand or model access floor either in existing or new installations
  • No complicated hardware required
  • No fabrication of the cable tray required
  • Trays can be moved and reused
  • Creates and ergonomic pathway for safe and easy access
  • Half basket designs are available to allow for easy access below the cable path
  • Trays nest together for compact and cost effective shipping and material handling
  • Open architecture for easy loading of cable
  • Snake Canyon can be accessorized with power modules for convenient under floor power
  • Complies with any floor manufacturers’ warranties