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Snake Tray® Announces the New Power Module Ideal For Casinos

Casino Snake is the modular answer to providing multiple power and data circuits to gaming machines in the casino. This plug-and-play system allows you to add and delete equipment or make moves quickly and easily. The unit is UL listed and approved to connect and disconnect while energized, meaning the circuit breaker does not need to be locked to make changes. As easy as unplugging a lamp, the user can disconnect and move an entire cluster of machines with a minimal amount of disruption to the gaming floor.

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Snake Tray® Announces the New Snake Max Cable Tray for Data Centers and AI Infrastructures

Snake Tray’s Snake Max is our newest series of cable management that meets the demands of conveying power cables inside and outside the data center. Pre-fabricated, turns, tees, intersections, and vertical elevation components make installations quick and effortless. Easy snap-in cable managers or Snake Max Clicks maintain NEC 310.15 cable separation so there is no need to derate cables. The Snake Max Clicks, cable separators, allow the cables to operate cooler for more energy efficiency and can accommodate cables from 350-1250 Kcmil. Made in the USA.

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String and Feeder Cable Hanger

As utility grade systems grow in size so does the size of string cables. Utilize Snake Tray’s tree hanger with a capacity of up to a quantity of 16, 750 Kcmil cables per hanger. Ideal for larger scale projects and can even be stacked to create a modular system to further increase capacity. The side loading feature offers quick access to installing and maintaining cables for reduced labor costs. No trenching for minimal ground disturbance. The large capacity loops will handle any size of cable bundle easily and effectively.


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Snake Tray’s New Snake-Loc String Cable Hanger

Quickly top load PV cables directly into this all-weather double pocket hanger with a
squeeze lock that firmly attaches onto the messenger wire to secure cables. Hanger
significantly reduces time and labor by requiring no tools and will not slide out of

• Double pocket hanger with a squeeze lock feature quickly attaches to messenger wire
• Reduces time and labor by requiring no tools
• Hanger stays in place on the messenger wire
• Powder coated for
• In stock and ready to ship worldwide



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Snake Tray’s New Hideaway Floor Enclosure

Quick and easy to install, this flush, trim-less floor box provides a practical and non-intrusive solution for easy access to cables, with no visible hardware or latches. Seamlessly integrated into the space, the floor box conveniently delivers both power and data as close as possible to users.

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Q&A with Snake Tray’s Roger Jette

As Snake Tray turns 25, founder Roger Jette reflects on the products and ambitions that have led to its success, and also offers views on the importance of American-made products, what the pandemic has exposed, and the skilled-labor shortage.

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10 Principles That Drive Business Growth | Snake Tray

Tales from the Snake Pit: 10 Principles That Drive Business Growth

Back in the summer of 1996, we started our business from a Saturday morning idea to make a better cable tray that workers could bend by hand to make installations cheaper and easier. Today, Snake Tray is a company that serves major corporations and government agencies worldwide through industry-leading cable management, power distribution, and enclosure solutions.

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cable tray manufacturers in the USA

Cable Tray Manufacturers in the USA: Buy American for Supply Chain Preparedness

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how easily supply chains can be interrupted for indeterminable lengths of time. As consumers, we’ve all seen stores stripped bare of essentials like toilet paper, bleach and foodstuffs. The problem is exacerbated for manufacturers with global supply chains. They rely on partners to deliver raw materials or sub-components produced in overseas factories to create finished products domestically. That’s never the case with Snake Tray.

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