Year: 2023

Snake Max for AI Data Center Cabling

Snake Tray Helps Data Centers Rise to the AI Power Challenge

Welcome to the future of AI Data Centers Cabling. As Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape the tech landscape, the demand for efficient and advanced cabling solutions in data centers is soaring. In this article, we explore how Snake Tray is revolutionizing the cabling infrastructure to meet the unique demands of AI-driven data centers. Read on to discover how you can future-proof your data center for the AI era.

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Snake Tray® Announces the New Snake Max Cable Tray for Data Centers and AI Infrastructures

Snake Tray’s Snake Max is our newest series of cable management that meets the demands of conveying power cables inside and outside the data center. Pre-fabricated, turns, tees, intersections, and vertical elevation components make installations quick and effortless. Easy snap-in cable managers or Snake Max Clicks maintain NEC 310.15 cable separation so there is no need to derate cables. The Snake Max Clicks, cable separators, allow the cables to operate cooler for more energy efficiency and can accommodate cables from 350-1250 Kcmil. Made in the USA.

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solar max xl clicks

Create Energy. Store Energy. Use Energy. It’s all in the “Click”.

Snake Tray invented the Solar Snake Max XL. The world’s first above ground free-air cable conveyance system designed to help utility-grade solar installations overcome the challenges of burying cables. In addition to eliminating the time, expense, and messy process of digging and filling trenches with miles of DC cables, free-air cable conveyance maximizes energy harvest by preventing the heat buildup that occurs when high ampacity cables are bundled or buried.

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String and Feeder Cable Hanger

As utility grade systems grow in size so does the size of string cables. Utilize Snake Tray’s tree hanger with a capacity of up to a quantity of 16, 750 Kcmil cables per hanger. Ideal for larger scale projects and can even be stacked to create a modular system to further increase capacity. The side loading feature offers quick access to installing and maintaining cables for reduced labor costs. No trenching for minimal ground disturbance. The large capacity loops will handle any size of cable bundle easily and effectively.


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Snake Tray’s New Snake-Loc String Cable Hanger

Quickly top load PV cables directly into this all-weather double pocket hanger with a
squeeze lock that firmly attaches onto the messenger wire to secure cables. Hanger
significantly reduces time and labor by requiring no tools and will not slide out of

• Double pocket hanger with a squeeze lock feature quickly attaches to messenger wire
• Reduces time and labor by requiring no tools
• Hanger stays in place on the messenger wire
• Powder coated for
• In stock and ready to ship worldwide



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