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Snake Tray Helps Data Centers Capture Renewable Energy to Reduce Costs

Data centers, especially hyperscale data centers, are power-hungry monsters with an insatiable appetite for electricity. In fact, after buying the land, constructing the building, installing all the racks and servers, and staffing it, the number one operating expense for any data center is utility power. Their carbon footprint is as big, if not bigger, than many manufacturing operations.

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Cable Management in Micro Data Centers

There’s a storm of data coming courtesy of high definition streaming services, next-generation apps and the explosion in the sheer number of connected users and devices. Data-reliant enterprises and internet service providers realize this volume can no longer be effectively managed by a centralized cloud model. They are moving to the Edge; breaking up their primary cloud and raining down micro data centers around the globe to reduce latency. Placing data, applications and content closer to employees and consumers yields better performance for an improved end-user experience, while building in failover and network resiliency. That’s the Edge, and many companies are in a rush to get there.

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Applying Codes and Standards in Data Center Construction

Complying with building codes and industry standards is a necessary part of data center construction, and this applies to cable-tray system design and implementation as well. While the most cost and labor efficient method to cable a data center is the use of a prefabricated cable tray management system, you can’t just bundle as many cables as you’d like and drop them into a run. There are specific rules that must be followed for tray fill capacities.

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