The 787 Series Conveyor Snake Tray is our newest hand bendable cable tray specifically for attachment to conveyor belt systems used inside distribution centers and warehouses. This thin-profile cable tray was designed to the specifications of a major conveyor belt manufacturer to meet their specific needs. It installs directly to the outer side rail flange of the conveyor belt support system, with a cable loading area measuring 3″ tall x 1.75″ wide. The spine is made of .25″ recycled steel; the cable protuberances, welded to the spine at 4″ intervals, are made of .156″ (5/32″) steel wire. This provides the necessary strength and flexibility to carry high cable loads in a compact space that precisely tracks the entire path of the conveyor. The 787 series features a patented lobster trap design that facilitates easy cable loading, changes, and additions, yet keeps cables captive while eliminating the need for wire tires. Each section is ten feet long, and attaches at any point with a simple hex nut and bracket to secure the tray to the conveyor flange. Like other Snake Tray cable management solutions, the 787 series offers all the traditional labor and cost-saving advantages of a prefabricated cable conveyance system.

If you are a conveyor belt manufacturer, we’d be happy to design a 787 series cable conveyance system customized to your unique requirements.