Universal Tray Connector Bolt

Part Number

Provides both a mechanical and a bonded electrical connection when joining tray sections to one another.

• One CB-10 required per connection.

Universal Inline Connector Bolt

Part Number

Provides both a mechanical and bonded electrical connection when joining tray sections to one another.

• One CB-12 required per connection
• Set screws max torque = 230 in-lbs

Universal TEE Intersection for 201, 401, 454 and 501 Series

Part Number Part Size
CM 0303T 5 ½" x 5 ½"

Installed as TEE component for the Snake 201, 401, 454 and 501 series trays.

Universal Intersection for 201, 401 and 454 Series

Part Number Part Size
CM 0303H 5 ½" x 5 ½"

Installed as 4-way crossing intersection component for the 201, 401 and 454 series trays.

Beam Clamp for 3/8″ Threaded Rod for 201 and 454 Series

Part Number

Used to attach 3/8"-16 threaded rod to a beam.

Threaded Rod

Part Number Part Size
TR-1 3/8" x 12" Threaded Rod
TR-2 3/8" x 24" Threaded Rod
TR-3 3/8" x 36" Threaded Rod
TR-4 3/8" x 48" Threaded Rod
TR-6 3/8" x 72" Threaded Rod
TR-8 3/8" x 96" Threaded Rod

Pre-cut and pre-chased threaded rod for overhead tray installations. All rods are 3/8"-16 10/24 high strength steel as per ASTM A36 and available in 1', 2', 3', 4' 6', and 8' lengths. Rods are inserted through the patented Snake Eyes and secured with two 3/8" hex nuts and one flat washer. No additional mounting accessories are necessary.

Concrete Wedge Anchor

• Anchor diameter equals hole diameter
• Comes complete with nuts and washers ready for use
• Collar expander offers 360° contact with masonry
• Projections on collar immediately grip concrete

Part Number Part Size
CM-WA-.25X1.75-SS316 ¼" D x 1 ¾" L
CM-WA-12X7.00-SS304 ½" D x 7" L
CM-WA-12X7.00-SS316 ½" D x 7" L
CM-WA-25X1.50-SS316 ¼" D x 1 ½" L
CM-WA-38X3.75-SS316 3/8" D x 3 ¾" L
CM-WA-58X5.25-SS316 5/8" D x 5 ¼" L

Concrete Anchor

Part Number
CM CA-38

Used to anchor trays and components to concrete. (1/4" hole)

Hanger Bracket for Threaded Rod Suspension

Part Number
CM TR-HBS for Steel
CM TR-HBC for Concrete

Hanger bracket for powder-actuated fastening. Design allows for easy installation using any 8 mm power actuated fastening system. Available for both steel and concrete. The New, Versatile Hanger that Simplifies Threaded Rod Suspension.

Attachment Hardware

Part Number Description
CM-FW-38-ZI Zinc Plated 3/8" Washer
CM-HN-38-ZI Zinc Plated 3/8" Hex Nut
CM-RC-38-ZI Zinc Plated 3/8" Rod Coupling

Snake Nut™ Threaded Rod Fastener

Part Number Description
STSN 38 Fits 3/8"-16 Threaded Rod
STSN 12 Fits ½"-13 Threaded Rod
STSN 58 Fits 5/8"-11 Threaded Rod

This innovative fastener eliminates the labor intensive need to hand thread hex nuts up a threaded rod. Simply insert the Snake Nut anywhere on the threaded rod and tighten into place with a set screw. Once locked into place, Snake Nut has been tested to hold up to 6,800 pounds.


Tin plated grounding connector

Part Number Part Size Description
CB-8 Up to #2 AWG