Seismic Bracing Kits with Crimp Tool & Cutter

Part Number Part Size Description
CM201/801-SBK1-XX Kit for Anchoring Snake Tray and Mega Snake in Concrete Ceilings
CM 201/801-SBK-J-XX Kit for Anchoring Snake Tray and Mega Snake around Joists
CM 201/801-SBK-L-XX Kit for Anchoring Snake Tray and Mega Snake with Lag Bolts into Wood Beams
CM 201/801-SB-CT Crimp Tool
CM 201/801-SB-CU Cutter

Threaded Rod

Part Number Part Size
TR-1 3/8" x 12" Threaded Rod
TR-2 3/8" x 24" Threaded Rod
TR-3 3/8" x 36" Threaded Rod
TR-4 3/8" x 48" Threaded Rod
TR-6 3/8" x 72" Threaded Rod
TR-8 3/8" x 96" Threaded Rod

Pre-cut and pre-chased threaded rod for overhead tray installations. All rods are 3/8"-16 10/24 high strength steel as per ASTM A36 and available in 1', 2', 3', 4' 6', and 8' lengths. Rods are inserted through the patented Snake Eyes and secured with two 3/8" hex nuts and one flat washer. No additional mounting accessories are necessary.

Hanger Bracket for Threaded Rod Suspension

Part Number
CM TR-HBS for Steel
CM TR-HBC for Concrete

Hanger bracket for powder-actuated fastening. Design allows for easy installation using any 8 mm power actuated fastening system. Available for both steel and concrete. The New, Versatile Hanger that Simplifies Threaded Rod Suspension.

Attachment Hardware

Part Number Part Size
CM FW-38 Zinc Plated 3/8" Washer
CM HN-38 Zinc Plated 3/8" Hex Nut
CM RC-38 Zinc Plated 3/8" Rod Coupling