Rail Mount Cable Dropout

This side mounted cable drop out offers ultimate support for the high capacity data center cable runs while not compromising the cable tray itself. By bolting onto the universal rail system of the Mega Snake, the side mount unit allows for simple cable egress directly off the side of the tray without having to make any cuts or modifications preserving the strength and integrity of the tray. Ideally suited for supporting and protecting copper and fiber optic cables as they enter and exit the tray. Available in 12″, 18″, and 24″ sizes, the cable dropout comes in standard galvanized, white or black powder coat or in a custom color to match any data center. Drop out bolts directly to the universal rail system of the 801 Series Mega Snake which allows for easy moves, adds or changes when needed. Provides a smooth surface for horizontal cable direction changes with a 180° bend which ensures cables do not have any potential pinch points or kinks.

Part Number Description
CM 708-75-11744 Rail Mount Cable Dropout for 12" Mega Snake Tray
CM 708-75-11747 Rail Mount Cable Dropout for 18" Mega Snake Tray
CM 708-75-11741 Rail Mount Cable Dropout for 24" Mega Snake Tray

Mega Snake Under Tray Pathway System

Unique applications require unique solutions. In hospital environments, there is a need for mission critical cable pathways apart from the standard data cabling infrastructure, typically nurse call, alarm and security cabling. This under tray add on accessory provides up to 8 separate color coded cable pathways, simple to install and available with customer specific color coding.

Part Number Description
CM 801-18-ACSM Auxiliary Conveyance System Module

Threaded Rod

Part Number Part Size
TR-1 3/8" x 12" Threaded Rod
TR-2 3/8" x 24" Threaded Rod
TR-3 3/8" x 36" Threaded Rod
TR-4 3/8" x 48" Threaded Rod
TR-6 3/8" x 72" Threaded Rod
TR-8 3/8" x 96" Threaded Rod

Pre-cut and pre-chased threaded rod for overhead tray installations. All rods are 3/8"-16 10/24 high strength steel as per ASTM A36 and available in 1', 2', 3', 4' 6', and 8' lengths. Rods are inserted through the patented Snake Eyes and secured with two 3/8" hex nuts and one flat washer. No additional mounting accessories are necessary.

Concrete Wedge Anchor

• Anchor diameter equals hole diameter
• Comes complete with nuts and washers ready for use
• Collar expander offers 360° contact with masonry
• Projections on collar immediately grip concrete

Part Number Part Size
CM-WA-.25X1.75-SS316 ¼" D x 1 ¾" L
CM-WA-12X7.00-SS304 ½" D x 7" L
CM-WA-12X7.00-SS316 ½" D x 7" L
CM-WA-25X1.50-SS316 ¼" D x 1 ½" L
CM-WA-38X3.75-SS316 3/8" D x 3 ¾" L
CM-WA-58X5.25-SS316 5/8" D x 5 ¼" L

Hanger Bracket for Threaded Rod Suspension

Part Number
CM TR-HBS for Steel
CM TR-HBC for Concrete

Hanger bracket for powder-actuated fastening. Design allows for easy installation using any 8 mm power actuated fastening system. Available for both steel and concrete. The New, Versatile Hanger that Simplifies Threaded Rod Suspension.

Attachment Hardware

Part Number Description
CM-FW-38-ZI Zinc Plated 3/8" Washer
CM-HN-38-ZI Zinc Plated 3/8" Hex Nut
CM-RC-38-ZI Zinc Plated 3/8" Rod Coupling

Size Adapters

Part Number Description
CM 801-2-R6 2" D x 6" W Reducer
CM 801-2-R12 2" D x 12" W Reducer
CM 801-4-R6 4" D x 6" W Reducer
CM 801-4-R12 4" D x 12" W Reducer
CM 801-6-R6 6" D x 6" W Reducer
CM 801-6-R12 6" D x 12" W Reducer
CM 801-2/4-R 2" to 4" D x 6" W Reducer
CM 801-2/4-R12 2" to 4" D x 12" W Reducer
CM 801-4/6-R6 4" to 6" D x 6" W Reducer
CM 801-4/6-R12 4" to 6" D x 12" W Reducer
CM 801-2/6-R6 2" to 6" D x 6" W Reducer
CM 801-2/6-R12 2" to 6" D x 12" W Reducer

Transition from one size Mega Snake to another.

Hinged Splice Plates

Part Number Description
CM 801-2-H-SP 2" D Hinged Splice Plate Kit (2 splice plates per kit)
CM 801-4-H-SP 4" D Hinged Splice Plate Kit (2 splice plates per kit)
CM 801-6-H-SP 6" D Hinged Splice Plate Kit (2 splice plates per kit)

Each vertical directional change requires one kit.

Splice Kit

Part Number Description
CM 801-SP Mega Snake Splice Kit (2 splice plates per kit)

Splice kit maintains a continuous electrical and mechanical bond throughout the Mega Snake system.

Classified UL

Divider Grid

Part Number Description
CM 801-2-DG 2" D Divider Grid x 60"
CM 801-4-DG 4" D Divider Grid x 60"
CM 801-6-DG 6" D Divider Grid x 60"

Divides cable tray pathway.

Snake Nut™ Threaded Rod Fastener

Part Number Description
STSN 38 Fits 3/8"-16 Threaded Rod
STSN 12 Fits ½"-13 Threaded Rod
STSN 58 Fits 5/8"-11 Threaded Rod

This innovative fastener eliminates the labor intensive need to hand thread hex nuts up a threaded rod. Simply insert the Snake Nut anywhere on the threaded rod and tighten into place with a set screw. Once locked into place, Snake Nut has been tested to hold up to 6,800 pounds.

Center Support

Bracket used when access to either side is required.

Part Number Description
CM 801-CS Center Support for 6", 8" and 12" W Tray
CM 801-18-CS Center Support for 18" W Tray
CM 801-24-CS Center Support for 24" W Tray

Note: 12" Mega Snake has built-in center support.

Wall Bracket

Part Number Description
CM 801-6-WB Wall Bracket for 6" W Tray
CM 801-12-WB Wall Bracket for 12" W Tray
CM 801-18-WB Wall Bracket for 18" W Tray
CM 801-24-WB Wall Bracket for 24" W Tray

Cabinet Bracket

Cabinet Bracket used to mount 801 series tray to the top of Data Cabinets. Mounting hardware not included.

Part Number Description
CM 801-X-X-CBN 3/5 Adjusts 3 - 5"
CM 801-X-X-CBN 6/10 Adjusts 6 - 10"


Cable Drop Out

Part Number Description
CM 801-TO-6 6" End Mounted Waterfall
CM 801-TO-8 8" End Mounted Waterfall
CM 801-TO-12 12" End Mounted Waterfall
CM 801-TO-18 18" End Mounted Waterfall
CM 801-TO-24 24" End Mounted Waterfall

Side Mount Cable Dropout

Part Number Description
CM 801-TO-3.50 Side Mounted Drop Out 3 1/2" W

Side mounted drop out designed to enter/exit cable through side rail on 801 series tray.

In-Line Cable Dropout

Part Number Description
CM 801-TO-3.875 * In-Line Cable Drop Out for 12", 18" and 24" Trays
CM 801-TO-5 In-Line Cable Drop Out for 12" and 24" Trays

* Required for 18" Tray

In-line cable drop out designed to enter/exit cable through a center section of 801 series tray.

Conduit Plate Side Mount

Part Number Description
CM 801-CP-010 ¾" Conduit
CM 801-CP-020 1" Conduit
CM 801-CP-030 1 ¼" Conduit
CM 801-CP-040 1 ½" Conduit
CM 801-CP-050 2" Conduit

Securely adapts a single conduit to the side of the 801 series tray.

Tray Inserts and Covers

Part Number Description
CM 801-X-C Tray Cover in 6", 12", 18" and 24" widths
CM 801-X-X-TI Tray Insert in 6",12", 18" and 24" widths
CM 801-X-TI-FLAT Tray Flat Bottom Insert in 6", 12", 18" and 24" widths

Flat inserts are available for all fittings, 90°, TEE's and 4-way intersections

In 60" lengths, two inserts per tray required.

Conduit Adapter

Part Number Description
CM 801-CP-2 2 Point Connection Conduit Bracket
CM 801-CP-10 10 Point Connection Conduit Bracket


In-Line Patch Panel Adapter

19″ Patch Panel bracket attaches to side rail on 801 series tray.

Part Number Description
CM 801-PP/19-1U 19" Patch Panel Bracket - 1U
CM 801-PP/19-2U 19" Patch Panel Bracket - 2U
CM 801-PP/19-3U 19" Patch Panel Bracket - 3U
CM 801-PP/19-4U 19" Patch Panel Bracket - 4U


Fiber Optic Turnout Module

Part Number Description
CM 801-FOTO-S Fiber Optic Single Exit for Cables
CM 801-FOTO-D Fiber Optic Double Exit for Cables

Fiber optic exit designed to attach to the 801 series tray. Designed to protect cable and control bend radius.

Power Distribution Module

The Power Distribution Module is the cornerstone of the Power Mega Snake power distribution system. It is available empty or loaded with customer specified NEMA receptacles. It is also available pre-wired with MC cables to be carried by the Mega Snake and terminated at the electrical panel.

Part Number Description
CM 801-PM-XX Customer Specified Power Distribution Module

XX DENOTES CUSTOMER SPECIFIED POWER REQUIREMENTS. Call the Snake tray engineering team to assist you with the power distribution configuration and part numbers.

Termination Kit

Part Number
CM 801-WTK

Mega Snake support for 90° wall, floor and ceiling terminations.