Cable Runway Corner Bracket

Creates a radius for L, T, or X-shaped intersections of Cable Runway formed when two or more pieces of Cable Runway are connected together with the Junction-Splice Kit

Part Number
CM 610-CB

Butt-Splice Kit

Connect two sections of runway end-to-end.
Kit consists of:
• (4) slice plates
• (2) 3/8″-16 trimmed head bolts
• (2) 3/8″-16 hex nuts
• (2) 3/8″ split lock washers

Part Number Description
CM 610-BSK Straight Splice Kit

Junction-Splice Kit

Connect two sections of runway end-to-end.

Kit consists of:
• (4) Slice plates
• (2) 3/8″-16 trimmed head bolts
• (2) 3/8″-16 hex nuts
• (2) 3/8″ split lock washers

Part Number Description
CM 610-JSK T - Splice Kit

Threaded Rod Ceiling Mounts

Part Number
CM 610-38-TRK

Secures threaded rod to Cable Runway. Sold in pairs, hardware not included.

Ceiling Mount Kit

Kit consist of:

• (1) 6 ft 3/8″ threaded rod
• (1) Ceiling mount bracket
• (1) CM 610-38-TRK
• (2) 3/8″-Hex nuts

Part Number
CM 610-TR6-MK

Wall Termination Kit

Kit consist of:

• (1) wall angle
• (2) 5/16″-18″ x 2-¼” J-bolts
• (2) 5/16″-18 hex nuts
• (2) 5/16″- lock washers

Part Number Part Size
CM 610-6-WTK 6" W
CM 610-12-WTK 12" W
CM 610-18-WTK 18" W
CM 610-24-WTK 24" W
CM 610-36-WTK 36" W

Rack Termination Kit

Rack Bracket

• Universal Mounting plate for data racks
• Installs in both orientations
• Comes with all necessary mounting hardware
• Powder coat finish available

Kit consist of:
• (2) 45º outside clamps
• (2) Inside edge clamps
• (2) 3/8″-16 trimmed round head, square neck bolts
• (2) 3/8″-16 hex nuts and lock washers

Part Number
CM 610-6-RBN
CM 610-12-RBN
CM 610-18-RBN
CM 610-24-RBN

Cable Runway Elevation Kit

Supports cable runway above a continuous row of racks or cabinets of varying heights and provides additional space between the tops of the racks or cabinets and the cable runway.

• Multiple ranges of incremental elevation
• Can be mounted perpendicular or parallel
• Rack kit includes a single pair of brackets and assembly hardware
• Rack kits attaches to the rack with a mounting plate (sold separately)
• Cabinet kits include two pairs of brackets and assembly hardware

Part Number Part Size
CM 610-RBN-ER-6 Rack Mounting and Lifting Kit
CM 610-CBN-ER-6 Cabinet Mounting and Lifting Kit

Radius Drop

Part Number Part Size
CM 610-TO-6 6" W
CM 610-TO-9 9" W
CM 610-TO-12 12" W
CM 610-TO-18 18" W
CM 610-TO-24 24" W

Side Mount Radius Drop

Part Number Description
CM 610-TO-SM Rail Mount Cable Waterfall

Patch Panel Adapter

Part Number Part Size
CM 801-PP/19-1U 19" Patch Panel Bracket - 1U
CM 801-PP/19-2U 19" Patch Panel Bracket - 2U
CM 801-PP/19-3U 19" Patch Panel Bracket - 3U
CM 801-PP/19-4U 19" Patch Panel Bracket - 4U


Power Distribution Module

The Power Distribution Module is the cornerstone of the Cable Runway power distribution system. It is available empty, or loaded with customer specified NEMA receptacles. It is also available pre-wired with MC cables to be carried by the Cable Runway and terminated at the electrical panel.

Part Number Part Size
CM 801-PM-XX Customer Specified Power Distribution Module

XX DENOTES CUSTOMER SPECIFIED POWER REQUIREMENTS. Call the Snake tray engineering team to assist you with the power distribution configuration and part numbers.

Bonding Jumper

• Use at each expansion splice and where the cable tray is not  mechanically/electrically continuous to ground. Sold individually.
• Installation hardware included.
• Bonding jumper is 16″ long.

Part Number Part Size
CM BJ-1 CU #1 / 600 A
CM BJ-1/0 CU m4/0 / 1600 A
CM BJ-250 CU 250 MCM / 2000 A

Triangle Wall Bracket

Part Number Cut Sheet
CM 610-653-XX-WBN


Retaining Post Kit

Part Number
CM 610-4-CRFP
CM 610-6-CRFP

Center Support Kit

Part Number
CM 610-CSK

Vertical Support Foot Kit

Part Number
CM 610-X-VS

Vertical Wall Bracket

Part Number
CM 610-VWB