Year: 2020

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Snake Tray Electrical Cable Management Systems Simplify Jobs & Boost Profitability for Contractors in a Post-COVID-19 World – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog we discussed how Snake Tray’s hand-bendable wire basket cable trays support COVID-19 restrictions on the job site by allowing electrical contractors to finish jobs faster with a minimal workforce. It’s easy to see the value of Snake Tray products when overhead turns and transitions are completed in 15 seconds by a single installer rather than 15 minutes by a team. But what about installing power distribution systems and network cables underneath raised-access floors in modern office buildings? Well, it turns out Snake Tray has a couple more solutions that can improve profitability and speed installation while maintaining proper social distancing practices down there, too.

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Snake Tray® Cable Management Systems Simplify Jobs & Boost Profitability for Electrical Contractors in a Post-COVID-19 World – Part 1

With a turbulent economy and new COVID-19 restrictions on the job site, efficiency and predictable results are critical for electrical contractors. They need to get in and get out as quickly as possible and accomplish the job with minimal manpower. Snake Tray provides a wide range of cable management systems that support COVID-19 restrictions by allowing buildings to be wired faster by fewer people on the job site and enable “waterfall” construction practices.

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Cable Tray Manufacturers in the USA: Buy American for Supply Chain Preparedness

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how easily supply chains can be interrupted for indeterminable lengths of time. As consumers, we’ve all seen stores stripped bare of essentials like toilet paper, bleach and foodstuffs. The problem is exacerbated for manufacturers with global supply chains. They rely on partners to deliver raw materials or sub-components produced in overseas factories to create finished products domestically. That’s never the case with Snake Tray.

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Snake Tray Helps Erect Temporary Field Hospital to Fight Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic threatens to overwhelm the US healthcare system, especially in the epicenter of New York. In an effort to prepare for the peak of the outbreak, state officials commissioned the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACoE) to build a series of temporary field hospitals to absorb the expected overflow of COVID-19 patients. One of these sites is located on the State University of New York (SUNY) at Old Westbury campus.

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Cable Management in Micro Data Centers

There’s a storm of data coming courtesy of high definition streaming services, next-generation apps and the explosion in the sheer number of connected users and devices. Data-reliant enterprises and internet service providers realize this volume can no longer be effectively managed by a centralized cloud model. They are moving to the Edge; breaking up their primary cloud and raining down micro data centers around the globe to reduce latency. Placing data, applications and content closer to employees and consumers yields better performance for an improved end-user experience, while building in failover and network resiliency. That’s the Edge, and many companies are in a rush to get there.

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