Year: 2020

Snake Tray Has Inventory to Assist Any Essential Entity Involved In The COVID-19 Response

As a New York State designated “Essential” manufacturer, Snake Tray has products in stock to help contribute to the COVID-19 response for entities requiring cable management, power distribution or enclosures. Examples of projects may include healthcare, government, first-responder and National Guard projects that pertain to supporting the COVID-19 response. Distributors, contractors and governmental agencies should contact Snake Tray at 800-308-6788 to assess their needs. We also stand ready to manufacture any wire or sheet metal parts required for any entity manufacturing, building equipment or infrastructure to assist with the COVID-19 response.

We look forward to the swift resolution to this crisis. Until then, stay safe and healthy.

Thank you,

Roger Jette

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Snake Tray’s New Moveable Electrical Outlet for Modular Walls

Snake Tray is now offering a complete system of prefabricated electrical assemblies for modular walls, designed to streamline and simplify the time-consuming task of repetitive branch circuit wiring installations.  The assembly interfaces with Snake Tray’s Snake Bus power distribution system for under access floors, and is designed to make branch circuit wiring easier than ever! Prefabricated single or multi-gang electrical outlets, offer a complete plug-n-play solution for lightning fast trim-out as well as allowing for easy moves anywhere the modular walls are move in the office environment.  Snake Tray understands construction bid times are shrinking all the time as owners and general contractors continue to push subcontractors to get bids turned around in less time. Snake Tray works hard to assist electrical contractors with quick turnaround times on quotes, allowing time to evaluate prior to bid, Let our designers review your documents and provide a turn key approach for your next project.

Snake Tray is a leading manufacturer of cable management, power distribution, boxes and enclosures all designed to lower the total cost of construction. Products are manufactured in the USA and shipped to leading corporations and organizations across the globe.

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Cable Installation in Healthcare Facilities

It’s one thing to design a new building to incorporate the latest wireless networking technologies, but it’s quite another to retrofit a building constructed before the Information Age. Cosmetic upgrades aside, renovating a commercial structure built decades ago to enable the networking and power distribution technologies of today can be a labor intensive and expensive process. Most are of brick or cinder block construction designed without accessible interstitial spaces or raised access floors.

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Snake Tray’s New All Metal Circular Floor Box for Access Floors Offers Flexibility and Durability

Snake Tray’s new all metal circular floor box for access floors offers a durable data and power reception module for workstations.  The round design allows for the module to be installed in the same size opening as standard air diffusers. Its optional integrated circuit breaker eliminates power disruptions to other electrical devices in the area. Models are available with standard or custom configurations for both power and data to meet the customer’s specifications.  Powder coated or anodized finishes are available to coordinate with any architectural design.  Made in the USA for rapid deployment to any office or facility.

Snake Tray is a leading manufacturer of cable management, power distribution, boxes and enclosures all designed to lower the total cost of construction. Products are manufactured in the USA and shipped to leading corporations and organizations across the globe.

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Edge Computing requires effective cable management

Getting to The Edge Requires Effective Cable Management

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is one of the hottest trends in information management. It is a distributed computing model that uses a network of micro data centers, each with limited data storage and processing capabilities, to act as mid-points between users and the central cloud. So instead of communicating with a server farm located 3,000 miles away, the network can spin up a copy of a requested movie, file or application and move it to a server located only 100 miles away to vastly improve performance. Because even when moving data at the speed of light, distance creates latency.

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Improving Construction Management

Improving Construction Management: Observations From an Interested 3rd Party

I am the founder of a company that gets deeply involved in construction projects of all shapes and sizes. The types of products my company provides are part of the data, communications and electrical infrastructure of most any building under construction or renovation today. We manufacture products that are installed in interstitial spaces; under raised floors or above dropped ceilings. But we could be talking about any building sub-system here.

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Ashrae standard blog

Raising the Bar: Snake Tray Helps Your Next Building Meet ASHRAE Standard 90.1

What is ASHRAE Standard 90.1?

In 1975 the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) first published a set of standards that provided minimum requirements for the energy-efficient design of most buildings, excluding low-rise residential buildings. Initially focused on the HVAC elements of construction, it has evolved to include the majority of mechanical (escalators, elevators, pumps, etc.) and electrical/lighting systems of a structure, intelligent building management systems (BMS), and even the building envelope itself to maximize energy conservation.

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snake nut assembly

Stop Spinning Your Wheels (and Hex Nuts) with Snake Nut™

Are you suspending tiers of cable trays from ceiling-mounted threaded rods? Have you thought about installation cost? Not the cost of the rods. Not the cost of the trays. Not even the cost of the hex nuts and washers. Just the labor to properly position the hex nut(s) on every rod for a level cable tray installation. Snake Tray has, and here’s what we found: Snake Nut™ can reduce the cycle time and cost of cable tray fastener installation by a factor of up to 30:1.

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