Not Your Father’s Circular Data and Power Reception Module

There are all kinds of data and power module enclosures available for access floors, but none quite like the Snake Tray CM 708.

This circular-shaped reception module delivers data and power to individual workstations sitting on raised access floors. Its 8″ diameter is the same size as standard in-floor air diffusers for accelerated construction time – installers cut one size holes for all needed panel openings at the job site. Its shallow 5″ depth allows it to be installed in the narrowest of interstitial spaces. Its integrated power cord easily connects to modular under floor power distribution systems like Snake Tray’s Snake Bus, but it can be used with any UL-approved electrical system. The CM 708 offers knockouts for RJ-45 ports that can be configured to support any combination of copper and fiber optic lines for data and communications, plus four 120 V AC outlets to power the workstation. An optional integrated circuit breaker provides overload protection while eliminating power interruptions to neighboring workstations. None of this sounds remarkable. In fact, any kind of data and/or power enclosure system under consideration should offer these capabilities at a minimum.

What is unique about the Snake Tray CM 708 Circular Data and Power Reception Module for Access Floors is its all-metal design, allowing it to easily surpass UL specification 514A for heavyweight rolling loads. The connection compartment is made from 16 ga sheet metal. The 10″ bezel and hinged cover plate is machined from aluminum for extraordinary strength and durability. Because the entire module is metal – no plastic components are used – the CM 708 can be fired in a choice of powder coated colors or anodized finishes to match the architectural design of any building.

The CM 708 brings a new level of durability and style to raised access floors at a surprisingly affordable price point. The key is a revolutionary one-step machining process developed by Snake Tray expressly for mass production of this one-piece aluminum lid. As of this writing, the CM 708 is the only circular data and power enclosure with an aluminum bezel and hinged cover; competitors use plastic. No more cracked, broken or missing lids. The result is a simply a better product made right here in the USA and 100% compliant with the Buy America Act.

The CM 708 Circular Data and Power Reception Module for Access Floors allows Snake Tray to be your single partner for all components needed to quickly design, build and install a complete power and data cable distribution system underneath raised access floors of any height. Let us help you make your next project go faster with effective cable management and power enclosure solutions.

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