Stop Spinning Your Wheels (and Hex Nuts) with Snake Nut™

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Are you suspending tiers of cable trays from ceiling-mounted threaded rods? Have you thought about installation cost? Not the cost of the rods. Not the cost of the trays. Not even the cost of the hex nuts and washers. Just the labor to properly position the hex nut(s) on every rod for a level cable tray installation. Snake Tray has, and here’s what we found: Snake Nut™ can reduce the cycle time and cost of cable tray fastener installation by a factor of up to 30:1.

Snake Tray’s patented open-ended fastener, the Snake Nut, eliminates the need to manually a spin hex nut up into position on a threaded rod, (and sometimes two or three nuts per rod if multiple cable tray tiers are being hung). If the rod is six to ten feet long, it can take about five minutes to hand thread each hex nut and washer into the proper position – a tedious and time consuming task. With Snake Nut, the installer simply slides the fastener onto the rod at the desired location(s) and tightens it with the integrated set screw. Each Snake Nut takes about 10 seconds to install. That means 30 Snake Nuts can be installed in the time it takes to manually spin one hex nut up five feet of threaded rod. Once locked into place, this washer-less solution has been tested to hold over 6,800 pounds! In fact, a threaded rod will snap before a Snake Nut loses its grip.

And who are these installers? Typically they are highly skilled or unionized electricians, commanding rates between $75 and $110 per hour, snake nutdepending upon geography. Using a mean labor rate of $90/hour, at five minutes per nut, it costs $7.50 of an electrician’s time just to thread each hex nut, versus 25¢ per Snake Nut at 10 seconds each. That’s a labor cost reduction of $7.25 per nut. Multiply that by the hundreds or thousands of threaded rods installed in a typical data center and you can see how the savings quickly add up – and the rods are ready for attachment to cable trays 30 times faster. (At this point you may be asking yourself, why am I paying upwards of $7.00 per nut to perform a task a child could do?) Snake Nut. It’s a no-brainer.

Snake Nuts are available in three sizes, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ diameters, to fit any standard threaded rod. (An augmented version of the Snake Nut with a recessed ring accepts a snap-on steel clip (pictured) to prevent vertical tray movement in earthquake-prone regions). Snake Tray can also provide pre-cut threaded rods in the exact lengths and diameters needed for every job. This shaves another two or three minutes off cycle time by eliminating the need for electricians to cut and chase each rod on site for even greater savings!

Snake Nut is a no compromise solution, meaning you won’t sacrifice strength, reliability or quality of the finished cable conveyance system for speed and ease of installation. You get it all while realizing substantial labor savings. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reduce the cost of your next cabling project with the revolutionary Snake Nut Threaded Rod Fastener from Snake Tray.

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