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Components (Solar Mega)

The 101 series Snake Tray® is designed for installation below a raised floor and as a riser along vertical surfaces. Available in seven sizes, the 101 series tray can accommodate up to 84 square inches of cable path or 860 data cables. Support legs and mounting rings are pre-formed into the tray and require no additional brackets to install. Custom sizes availabl

  • Built-in Mounting/Hardware
  • Single Connection
  • Trays Nest Together
  • Open architecture

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Solar Snake Max


No tools or field fabrication required!

Solar Snake Max is our new patented cable containment system for utility grade installations. The easy snap together elements allow for code compliant cable separation. Construction cycle times will be cut in half with this new innovative approach to managing high voltage cables.

  • Cables install with snap together components, no tools required or field fabrication
  • Quickly mounts to any style of vertical pilings or poles
  • Maintains code compliant separation of power cables up to 2KV
  • Made in the USA

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Solar Mega Snake

Cable Management for DC and AC Feeder Cables

  • Built-in mounting rail for attaching accessories including combiner boxes
  • Nests together for economical shipping and easy material handling
  • Available in Powder Coated Gray and Stainless Steel for climate specific applications

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Snake tray offers a series wall-mounted zone enclosures for box passive and active components. For use in both new construction as well as retrofit projects, and can be customized for specific solutions. Most enclosures are suited for single or multiple ONT (Optical Network Terminal) units for use in PON (Passive Optical Network) environments, and can incorporate both power and low voltage systems. Our wall-mounted zone enclosure is a feature-rich solution for passive and active components.


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All Snake Tray zone enclosures can be located in air-handling spaces (the plenum). Ceiling enclosures replace a single 2′ x 2′ or 2′ x 4′ drop ceiling tile and have an access door that provides easy access to equipment. The Zone methods creates mini IDF’s in the open office environment.

Options include:
• Recessed into 2′ x 2′ or 2′ x 4′ drop ceiling acoustical ceiling grids
• Passive Ceiling Enclosure for Wiring Blocks
• Passive Ceiling Enclosure for Patch Panels
• Active Ceiling Enclosure for Hubs, Switches and Patch Panels
• 2′ x 4′ Ceiling Enclosures for Wiring Blocks, Patch Panels, Hubs and Switches
• Consolidation Enclosures
• Ceiling-Mounted Wireless Enclosures
• Domed Wireless Ceiling Enclosures
• Fan Kit available
• Integrated power supplies available
• Active cooling modules available


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