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Mega Snake®

Strong as Steel but Flexible with Preconfigured Sections to Radically Reduce Installations Costs!

Mega Snake allows crews to complete installations faster and reduce installed costs by eliminating labor-intensive steps and parts required by all other cable tray systems.

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Snake Tray is pleased to offer steel cable tray or runway to accommodate our customers’ needs for high capacity applications in data centers, telecommunication rooms and any highly cabled facilities. Our steel cable management system is manufactured with structural quality steel to offer a high strength cable tray solution.

  • All steel design for maximum strength.
  • Available in 12″, 18″ and 24″ widths.
  • Easy ordering system
  • Made in the USA

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Snake Air®

With Snake Tray the only thing you will ever cut is your construction costs!

Snake Tray’s patented hand bendable design allows installers to create turns in 10 seconds versus 20 minutes with wire mesh cable tray. Our hand bendable design combined with Snake Tray’s built-in mounting hardware gives Snake Tray the installation cost saving advantage over any other cable tray system in today’s market!

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Snake Connect

Snake Tray is pleased to announce Snake Connect, its newest power distribution system for access floors. Snake Connect provides a complete line of 20A (US) / 32A (Europe and UK only) modular wiring devices for raised floor applications.  The ease of use and plug-n-play circular multi-pin connector provides fast installation, easy reconfiguration or relocation of power services and significant labor savings over conventional pipe and wire installations. The connectors are factory assembled and have a positive tab location to ensure secure and safe connection. Snake Tray also manufactures a series of boxes to compliment the system.

• Plug-n-play connectors speed up installations
• Reconfigurations and relocations can be down instantly
• Electrical and datacom configurations can be modified

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Snake Bus®

Snake Bus is a modular power distribution system that offers the most flexibility in power distribution for raised access floors.  It is the ideal solution for work stations, call centers, and trading floors. When using Snake Bus, expect an overall cost reduction for under floor power construction in excess of 30%!

Raised Floor Power Distribution Solutions

  • Fast – Traditional methods of hard wiring equipment are eliminated. Snake Bus’ pre-configured components allow you to instantly create your power distribution system.
  • Energy Efficient – Snake Bus’ innovative bus bar technology is more efficient than traditional copper wire. Bus bar technology experiences less voltage drop which can save on energy consumption.
  • Flexible – Installations, adds, moves and changes are easily done with the Snake Whips (tap offs) that deliver power to individual devices anywhere along the track and can be moved with a 10 second connection.
  • Powerful – Snake Bus’ three-phase advantage delivers 50 Amp 3-Phase 208 Volt providing up to 17.5 Kilowatts of power in one easy-to-install track.
  • Compatible – Snake Bus is compatible with all post and panel raised floor systems, as well as low profile access floors.
  • Convenient – Together, Snake Bus Feed modules and power track sections are quickly coupled together with the included splice component creating a complete power distribution solution for the raised floor environment. Individual power modules are then attached to the Snake Bus track system making installation and retrofits simple and easy for both large and small scale installations.
  • Functional – Provides both the equipment and isolated earth ground in one single system.
  • Sleek – Snake Bus’ slim profile fits in a space less than 2 1/2-inches in height allowing for proper airflow under an access floor. The flexibility of the linear design complements workstation and data center layouts.
  • Green – Snake Bus uses approximately 30% less copper than traditional wiring methods. The system is completely reusable and moveable.

NRTL Listed to UL 183

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Cable Management for Transit, Tunnels & Rail

Snake Rack™ your cables in tunnels!

Install the backbone support structure for what you need now and for future growth.

Snake Tray is a leading provider of cable management solutions for transit, tunnel and wayside environments. All Snake Tray products comply with NFPA 130 and NFPA 502 and are made in the USA. Our patented cable tray and racking systems are the solution for these applications. Our team works closely with the design engineers to develop and manufacture the most cost-effective solution for each installation. Snake Tray drastically reduces the installation time which keeps projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

Please contact us on 800-308-6788 to discuss your project needs,
or contact our transit consultant, ShorElectric, at 732-615-0102 or

Transit Agencies Save Millions When Departments Support Their Cables Together!

Snake Tray has successfully installed products in many leading transit authorities and tunnels worldwide, including the following:

  • Amtrak-Girard Tunnel
  • Chicago Transit Authority
  • Edmonton Transit Authority
  • Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation
  • London Underground
  • Long Island Railroad East Side Access


  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  • Moffat Tunnel (Class 1 Railroad)
  • MTA Metro North
  • MTA New York City Transit
  • MTA NYCT F Train Tunnel
  • MTA NYCT L Train Tunnel
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PATH)
  • Réseau Express Métropolitain- REM
  • Toronto Transit Commission
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority


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Solar Cable Management

Cables in solar installations need to be managed for code compliance and safety. Traditional conduit requires cables to be sized larger which costs more money. Snake Tray’s patented open architectural design allows the cables to be securely managed while allowing for proper airflow so cables can operate at full capacity.

Solar Snake Tray® – Hand Bendable Cable Management
Solar Snake Tray is the only weatherproof, hand-bendable cable conveyance that quickly and securely carries DC circuitry from solar panels to their terminations. Change directions easily by bending Snake Tray with your own two hands.

  • Built-in mounting rings for a variety mounting options
  • Trays connect together with a single connector for a 15-second bonded attachment tray to tray
  • Patented “lobster trap” design ensures effortless outdoor installation while protecting cables from rain, snow and hurricane force winds
  • Maintains NEC compliance and eliminates the risk of using wire ties

Utility-Grade and Commercial Solar Snake Tray®
Snake Tray offers a variety of cost effective solutions for Utility-Grade and Commercial/Industrial solar installations. Snake Tray Solar series of cable management products provide a lower installation cost than the traditional method of trenching. Our cable management systems secure and protect the cables for the life of the solar plant. The inherent features of our products reduces labor costs, nests together for easier material handling and lower shipping costs. Contact us on 800-308-6788 to discuss your project.

Snake Tray® Solar Panel Ice Guard
Snake Tray’s Ice Guard for solar panels prevents injuries due to falling ice. Our Ice Guard easily mounts to the frame of any solar panel. It is a great safety solution for areas with pedestrian traffic including parking lots and train stations where injuries could occur.



Snake Tray Series

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