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Desk Mount

Snake Tray offers many styles of enclosures for access floors. We manufactured a series of enclosures in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.  Our enclosures come standard or we can customize a solution for your application.

Options include:
• Lockable secure lid designs
• Snake Bus compatible
• Built in cable management
• Brackets for attachment  to raised floor support pedestals
• Multiple styles to suit your equipment mounting needs
• UL Listed


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Air Flow Manager

Air Flow Manager

The world’s only weatherproof, hand bendable cable conveyance that quickly and securely carries DC circuitry from solar panels to their terminations. Change directions easily by bending Solar Snake Tray with your own two hands.

Air Flow Manager Accessory #1

Snake Air Foam Model Allows for a variable number of cables.

Part Number Part Size
CM 901-SA-3B 3″ diameter Non-Vented Air Flow Manager
CM 901-SA-5B 5″ diameter Non-Vented Air Flow Manager
Air Flow Manager Accessory #1

Snake Air Slotted Model Has a pass through for up to four cables.

Part Number Part Size
CM 901-SA-5-AD1 5″ diameter, 4 Position,
Vented Air Flow Manager
CM 901-SA-5-AD2 5″ diameter, 4 Position,
Non-Vented Air Flow Manager
Air Flow Manager Accessory #1

Snake Air Floor Manager

Part Number Part Size
CM 901-EFPT Cable Pass thru Air Flow Manager

Allows for copper, fiber and MC cables to pass thru the access floor.

Air Flow Manager Accessory #1

Snake Air Adjustable Air Dam

Part Number Part Size
CM 901-78-10350 2 ½” – 3 ½” Adjustable Width, 86 ½” Height
 CM 901-78-10342  9″ – 15 ½” Adjustable Width, 86 ½” Height
 CM 901-78-10518  15 ½” – 23″ Adjustable Width, 86 ½” Height
CM 901-78-10347 23″ – 40″ Adjustable Width, 86 ½” Height
CM 901-78-10519 40″ – 63″ Adjustable Width, 86 ½” Height

Designed to manage airflow between equipment racks to prevent overheating sensitive equipment and to lower the cost of cooling a data center. Air Dams are available in adjustable widths and standard 86 ½” height. Easily installed to the side of the equipment racks with screws.

Snake Tray can work with you to solve any air flow issue. Please contact our engineering team to discuss a standard or custom solution.

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Snake Nut™ Threaded Rod Fastener

 Snake Nuts Threaded Rod Fastener

Snake Nut™ Threaded Rod Fastener

This innovative fastener eliminates the labor intensive need to hand thread hex nuts up a threaded rod. Simply insert the Snake Nut anywhere on the threaded rod and tighten into place with a set screw. Once locked into place, Snake Nut has been tested to hold up to 6,800 pounds.

Snake Nut Threaded Rod Fastener

Snake Nut™ Threaded Rod Fastener

Part Number Part Size
STSN 38 Fits 3/8″-16 Threaded Rod
STSN 12 Fits 1/2″-13 Threaded Rod
STSN 58 Fits 5/8″-11 Threaded Rod

Snake Nut™ Threaded Rod Fastener

Material: Steel

Finish Coat: Clear Zinc

Snake Nut™ Patent No: 8622679

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Zone Enclosures
Zone cabling enclosures add flexibility within an open-office environment or data center environment.

Choose from ceiling-mount, wall mount or under-floor versions.

Wall Enclosures

  • Provides a flexible consolidation point in the wall
  • Plenum-rated with optional fire-rated foam sealing kits
  • Simplify moves, adds, and changes
  • Use as a telecom enclosure for cabling flexibility

Ceiling Enclosures

  • Installs flush with drop ceiling
  • Fully hinged drop-down doors support installed equipment and to open to face technician
  • Active and passive styles available
  • Integrated AC or DC power supplies are available
  • Active cooling available

Active/Passive Raised-Floor Enclosures

  • Active and passive styles available
  • House multiple mounting options for 19” components
  • Rotating mounting brackets provides for easy access to rear of panels

Passive Optical Network Module for Under Desks

  •  Under desk ONT (Optical Network Terminal) mounting enclosure that can house most current ONTs on the market.
  • This PON (Passive Optical Network) module will provide space for the service loop and the auxiliary power unit.

Our products install quickly with user-friendly hardware. We provide both custom and stock solutions.

Contact Snake Tray to discuss your next Enclosure project!

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Snake Tray’s Smart Solutions for Data Centers

Snake Tray cable management and enclosures are being used in some of the leading data centers in the world.  Our cable tray systems are built with features that make installations quicker and more cost-effective. We also carry a full line of boxes and enclosures for distributing power in the access floors

Meg Snake

Mega Snake
cable tray is strong as steel but flexible with preconfigured with turns, “T”s and crossings.  Mega Snake can be suspended from the ceiling, attached to the cabinets or be free standing with Snake Trays’ unique mounting system.

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Snake Canyon

Snake Canyon
is our fastest installing cable tray solution that integrates with the computer access floor.  Snake Canyon can work with any access floor and can be accessorized with power and data distribution modules.

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Aluminum Cable Tray and Steel Runway
is now available for Snake Tray for the high cable capacity areas in the data center.

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Snake Bus
is a modular power distribution system that offers the most flexibility in power distribution in access floors. It is the ideal solution for work stations, call centers, and trading floors.

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