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The Benefits of Trenchless Solar Cable Management

Our insatiable demand for electricity is forcing utilities and energy providers to build new sources of power. Advances in solar technology combined with falling costs and a push by the federal government for renewable energy has made solar power more popular than ever. Unfortunately, many of the prime locations for high mega-watt solar farms are either gone, too expensive, or not in proximity to growing population centers.

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10 Principles That Drive Business Growth | Snake Tray

Tales from the Snake Pit: 10 Principles That Drive Business Growth

Back in the summer of 1996, we started our business from a Saturday morning idea to make a better cable tray that workers could bend by hand to make installations cheaper and easier. Today, Snake Tray is a company that serves major corporations and government agencies worldwide through industry-leading cable management, power distribution, and enclosure solutions.

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Cable Management Solutions | Prefabrication Materials | Snake Tray

Snake Tray’s Prefabricated Cable Management Systems Speed Installation to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Quite frankly, we’re surprised (and thankful) that no one else thought of it first. Prefabricated cable management systems deliver unmatched value versus generic wire basket trays by speeding installation, improving consistency, and maximizing savings through reducing labor at the job site. Snake Tray invented the concept of prefabricated cable management systems 25 years ago and has been innovating ever since.

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Data Center Cable Trays | Snake Tray

Snake Tray Helps Data Centers Capture Renewable Energy to Reduce Costs

Data centers, especially hyperscale data centers, are power-hungry monsters with an insatiable appetite for electricity. In fact, after buying the land, constructing the building, installing all the racks and servers, and staffing it, the number one operating expense for any data center is utility power. Their carbon footprint is as big, if not bigger, than many manufacturing operations.

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Snake Tray: Innovating Solutions for The Not So Ordinary Problems

Over the years Snake Tray has solved many problems for customers in the process of building, retrofitting, or expanding commercial structures. Engineers, architects and contractors come to us with unique challenges, and together with our engineers, we design and build specialized cable conveyance, enclosures and power distribution systems with minimal labor and material costs. Our ability to innovate, combined with our nimble in-house manufacturing capabilities and flat management style, has earned Snake Tray a reputation as the go-to vendor for customized solutions, quickly solving problems larger companies cannot address.

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IoT Cabling | Cable Management in the Age of IoT | Snake Tray

Cable Management in the Age of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an enormous collection of sensors, gateways, switches, and routers embedded into other products or structures that merges the physical and the virtual worlds to create smarter environments. By Gartner Inc.’s count, there are as many as 26 billion devices currently connected to the IoT with no end in sight. The IoT helps businesses make better decisions, reduce waste, and save energy, either autonomously or after some analysis.

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Steel Runway | Snake Tray

Steel Cable Runways Still in Demand for High Capacity Telco Applications

This IS your father’s Oldsmobile. Steel cable runways have been a staple of telecommunications rooms, data centers, and other highly-cabled facilities for generations. While other cable management solutions have since arrived on the scene that offer more flexibility and higher loading capacities while requiring less labor and lowering costs, (like the Snake Tray 801 Series Mega Snake®, a topic for another blog), steel cable runways remain popular in many telco installations. Why? Because that’s the way it has always been.

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