The Benefits of Using Pre-Fabricated Products in Data Center Design

Like any other industry, enterprises in the business of moving and storing data are learning to benefit from economies of scale. The next generation 5G wireless network promises to increase data volume exponentially. A 5G network provides vastly increased speed and capacity, but requires smaller cells and closer proximity to the cloud in order to deliver the low latency required for a seamless digital experience.

To handle the anticipated increase in traffic, providers will be building more data centers more rapidly than ever before. The trend will be to make them smaller and place them closer to the physical location of their user populations, aka the Edge, to achieve the desired customer experience for their service. How quickly and cost-effectively a data center can be built, equipped, staffed and brought on line will have a big impact on ROI.

Toward that end there is a paradigm shift taking place in the industry where providers are adopting new design philosophies to construct data centers more affordably and efficiently. Part of that trend is the use of pre-configured and pre-fabricated products to save on time and labor costs. From a macro perspective, data center design has become templated. Everything is laid out in a Street and Avenue approach; network engineers know the exact numbers of server racks, cabinets and cabling requirements prior to construction. They know the square footage for flooring and cooling requirements. Why not apply this philosophy to the micro elements of design, right down to cable pathways? That’s where Snake Tray’s pre-fabricated high capacity cable management systems come in.

Fabricating custom cable trays and grinding wire basket cuts to a smooth finish in the field while negotiating tees and crosses, waterfalls and reductions is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive process. What if there is a way to reduce, for example, the time of constructing a quarter-turn transition from one hour to under five minutes while ensuring the transition is completed in a sweeping arc to maintain the proper cable bending radii to meet spec? How much money would be saved if your installers could open a box of nested basket cable tray components pre-measured for the job, completely finished to code and ready for immediate installation using standardized hardware? Not only is cable tray installation finished faster, that means the actual cabling is completed quicker which allows the entire facility to go online sooner.

This is the value of Snake Tray: Customizable yet consistent in quality and appearance for a professional installation, bonded for safe electrical performance, and pre-fabricated to minimize manual labor costs and eliminate the need for specialized parts to speed construction of today’s modern data centers. Let us show you how easy it is to speed construction while reducing costs with Snake Tray.

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