5G and Edge Computing is on the Horizon. Are your Data Centers Ready?

A tidal wave of data is coming, brought to you courtesy of the makers of 5G wireless networks and the billions of smart devices in use around the globe. A 5G network provides vastly increased capacity and lower latency – the time it takes for data to travel from the user, over the network to the central processor and back again. This will not only enable near real-time communications for things like VR and AI, it will spawn a whole new generation of applications like remote medical diagnostics and innovations we can only imagine today.

To prepare for it, enterprises in the business of moving, storing, sharing and analyzing data are ramping up capacity at their core server farms and building additional data centers to take some of the burden off their primary cloud. However, 5G networks require smaller cells and closer proximity to the cloud in order to achieve the desired latency. Maximizing the speed and power of 5G therefore requires moving to the Edge. As a result, many providers are building networks of smaller data centers closer to user populations to deliver the desired seamless digital experience for their services.

Forward-thinking data management providers and growing enterprises will therefore have the blueprints and vendor relationships in place to execute construction as quickly as possible. While building a data center is not quite a 100% cookie-cutter process yet, there are many aspects that are scalable and standardized such as the Street and Avenue layout of servers. Network engineers know the exact numbers of server racks, cabinets and cabling requirements prior to construction.

The funny thing about a data center is that no matter how complex the application seems, it all comes down to moving 1s and 0s from Point A to Point B and back again. Today the best technology for the job remains a cable – copper or fiber. And running those many miles of individual cables that connect the server racks and cabinets to each other and to the many routers, switches and power supply pathways is a monumental undertaking. But because it is such a mundane task it is often overlooked as a means to speed construction or reduce costs.

Snake Tray is the partner every network engineer should get to know as an ally in the race to stay ahead of the coming deluge of data. Our pre-fabricated basket tray cable management systems are a critical part of being prepared to meet your next data center construction project milestones by eliminating labor-intensive steps and parts required by traditional cable tray systems.


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