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Snake Bus is EC&M Magazine’s 2012 Category Winner for Power Distribution

Snake Tray is proud to announce that the new Snake Bus Power Distribution Solution is the 2012 Category winner in EC&M Magazine for Power Distribution Equipment. This is the third year in a row that Snake Tray has been recognized by EC&M. In 2010, MC Snake Tray specifically designed to manage MC cables was the winner in cable trays, and in 2011 Solar Snake Tray was the winner in the same category. Snake Bus’ preconfigured system delivers 50 Amps, 3 Phase, 208 Volts providing over 15 Kilowatts of power in one easy-to-install track.
Snake Bus® is EC&M Magazine's 2012 Category Winner for Power DistributionInstallations and retrofits are easily done with the tap offs that deliver power to individual devices anywhere along the track. Snake Bus® bus bar technology is energy efficient and can be easily be reused for changes and moves in the electrical plan.

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