Cabling a Rooftop Solar Array? Take Matters into Your Own Hands with the Snake Tray 407 Series Solar Snake

Cabling a Rooftop Solar Array, with Snake Tray 407 Series

These days, power hungry utilities and large power consuming entities like hyperscale data centers will leverage almost any flat surface, into a clean energy producing platform to generate incremental power or offset energy costs.

Commercial building rooftops, parking lot structures, and empty fields are the most common examples, but with the increased efficiencies and falling costs of solar technology, virtually every idle surface is a potential solar array.

Today we are seeing solar panels being installed on abandoned water towers, oil tanks, even floating on retention ponds – any piece of real estate that can support a rooftop solar array or panels.

For these and similar projects, Snake Tray offers the 407 Series Solar Snake Tray, the world’s only weatherproof, hand bendable cable conveyance system that quickly and securely carries DC circuitry (a.k.a string cables) from the solar panels to their terminations.

Perfect for conforming to odd shapes and changes in direction or elevation, installers easily navigate around any obstacle simply by bending Solar Snake Tray – no tools, cutting, or field fabrication required.

Quickly work around rooftop obstructions like chimneys, vents, and air conditioning units. Easily interconnect groups of panels separated by physical barriers. Repurpose derelict circular and curved structures into energy producing assets. Installing ground-mounted string cables in a field? The 407 Series Solar Snake Tray easily adapts to changing terrain conditions such as hills and valleys over the course of a run.

Manufactured from pre-galvanized ¼” wire rod, Solar Snake Tray is strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds up to 120 mph but flexible enough to allow installers to change directions by bending it with their own two hands.

Available in a weatherproof grey powder-coated finish or in stainless-steel 0for installations near salt water or highly corrosive environments, Solar Snake Tray segments come in 10’ lengths in multiple widths and heights.

Built in mounting rings provide infinite mounting options, and the trays link together in just 15 seconds using a single connector that creates a bonded connection with minimal labor.

The Solar Snake Tray features a patented “lobster trap” design for effortless outdoor cable loading. It traps and protects the cables without bundling, wrapping, or the need for zip ties, greatly reducing labor and materials.

Once laid in the Solar Snake Tray, string cables cannot fall out unless removed by a technician.

The 407 Series Solar Snake Tray is manufactured from recycled steel right here in the USA, and is 100% reusable and reclaimable for an environmentally-conscious solution.

They adapt to any panel racking solution in use. Further, the trays nest together for lower shipping and material handling costs and minimize packaging and waste.

Are you looking to transform idle real estate into clean energy-producing assets? Snake Tray has the cable management solutions designed to reduce cost, labor, and time to install for a superior return on investment.

To learn more, visit us at Our engineers and sales teams stand ready to help execute your next solar cabling project with maximum efficiency and profitability.

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