Year: 2019

5G and Edge Computing is on the Horizon. Are your Data Centers Ready?

A tidal wave of data is coming, brought to you courtesy of the makers of 5G wireless networks and the billions of smart devices in use around the globe. A 5G network provides vastly increased capacity and lower latency – the time it takes for data to travel from the user, over the network to the central processor and back again. This will not only enable near real-time communications for things like VR and AI, it will spawn a whole new generation of applications like remote medical diagnostics and innovations we can only imagine today.

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Snake Tray Provides Cable Management for Fish Hatchery at the Cornell Cooperative Extension

In September 2017, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $10.4 million initiative to improve Long Island’s water quality and the economy and resiliency of its coastal communities. To accomplish these goals, the state of New York, through its Department of Environmental Conservation, is investing $5.25 million in the Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE). Snake Tray provided an overhead cable management solution to support wires to provide electrical power at a new shellfish hatchery located at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County Marine Environmental Learning Center (SCMELC) in the town of Southold, NY.

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MULTIPLE POCKET CABLE MANAGER – First place in new products at the BiCSI Winter Conference.

It’s the second award for this product. Previous award was the NECA Show Stopper Award.

Snake Tray is pleased to announce its newest cable manager with a color-coded multiple pocket design which is an ideal solution for managing cables in hospital and healthcare environments. It provides up to 8 separate color-coded pathways to manage and identify a variety of cables. Cable manager easily integrates with the cable tray or mounts to a wall.



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Roger Jette, President, Snake Tray was awarded the Harry J. Pfister Award for Excellence

Snake Tray is pleased to advise that Roger Jette, President, Snake Tray was awarded the Harry J. Pfister Award for Excellence in the Telecommunications Industry at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL on January 23, 2019. Awarded by the University of South Florida College of Engineering, this award recognizes the lifetime achievement or major accomplishment of an individual in the telecommunications industry. It promotes the efforts of an individual who enhances the scientific, technical, or educational aspects of the telecommunications industry, or who promotes the professionalism of the industry.

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