The 454 Series: A Universal Cable Management Solution

Universale Cable Management Solution

Architects and engineers know that using prefabricated materials when designing and building commercial structures speeds project completion and reduces costs. When it comes to wiring a building for data and communications, nothing gets the job done better, cheaper or faster than the 454 Series Universal Cable Management System from Snake Tray.

The 454 Series is a versatile cable conveyance solution with built-in mounting rings that anchor directly to a wall or ceiling in one easy-to-install system using traditional anchors, powder or gas propelled shots – as easy as tacking up weather stripping – or can be hung from threaded rods at four to five-foot intervals. Available in eight-foot sections that nest together for cost effective shipping to and easier handling at the job site, it’s modular and infinitely expandable. A choice of galvanized, stainless steel or powder coated smooth finishes protects and secures fiber and copper cables. As such, Snake Tray’s 454 Series is excellent for any size construction project and application from broadcast studios and warehouses to multi-story hospitals, sprawling resorts and business campuses.

Available in three loading diameters of 2″, 4″ and 6″, the 454 Series can reliably hold runs of up to 30, 120, or 260 Category 6 cables (.25 in2) respectively dependent on manufactures cable design. Designed for easy cable pulling or loading from the side, 454 Series cable tray sections are joined together using universal inline connector bolts that provide both mechanical and electrical bonding in one piece. Its patented hand-bendable design means no field fabrication is required; that means no cutting and no sharp edges that may injure workers or damage cables. Installers can quickly and easily work around obstacles and navigate directional changes both in the horizontal and vertical planes while maintaining the proper cable bend radius for optimal performance.

With Snake Tray’s 454 Series Universal Cable Management System you can make turns and connect sections in a matter of seconds, not hours. Eliminate specialized mounting parts and grounding hardware. Traverse open spaces with variable heights using single point hanging (pictured). Choose the tray finish to match other elements of the structure.

Does your project require a higher capacity cable conveyance system? No problem! We’ve got you covered there, too. Snake Tray’s prefabricated Mega Snake system is rated to handle up to 150 lbs. per linear foot while eliminating the labor-intensive field fabrication steps and parts required by legacy systems.

Get the Snake Tray advantage! Drive down the total cost of construction, and do it with a solution proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Contact the Snake Tray team, and let us help you build a cable management system that speeds installation, optimizes performance and reduces the cost of your next project.

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