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101 Series Snake Tray® Intersections

Tray configurations for the 101 Intersection components

CM 0303 for CM 101-3-8
CM 0306 for CM 101-3-8 and CM 101-6-8
CM 0312 for CM 101-3-8 and CM 101-12-8
CM 0606 for CM 101-6-8
CM 0612 for CM 101-6-8 and CM 101-12-8
CM 1212 for CM 101-12-8
CM 1818 for CM 101-18-8


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Mega Snake Under Tray Pathway System

Unique applications require unique solutions. In hospital environments, there is a need for mission critical cable pathways apart from the standard data cabling infrastructure, typically nurse call, alarm and security cabling. This under tray add on accessory provides up to 8 separate color coded cable pathways, simple to install and available with customer specific color coding.

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Rail Mount Cable Dropout

This side mounted cable drop out offers ultimate support for the high capacity data center cable runs while not compromising the cable tray itself. By bolting onto the universal rail system of the Mega Snake, the side mount unit allows for simple cable egress directly off the side of the tray without having to make any cuts or modifications preserving the strength and integrity of the tray. Ideally suited for supporting and protecting copper and fiber optic cables as they enter and exit the tray. Available in 12″, 18″, and 24″ sizes, the cable dropout comes in standard galvanized, white or black powder coat or in a custom color to match any data center. Drop out bolts directly to the universal rail system of the 801 Series Mega Snake which allows for easy moves, adds or changes when needed. Provides a smooth surface for horizontal cable direction changes with a 180° bend which ensures cables do not have any potential pinch points or kinks.

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