Month: October 2019

Universale Cable Management Solution

The 454 Series: A Universal Cable Management Solution

Architects and engineers know that using prefabricated materials when designing and building commercial structures speeds project completion and reduces costs. When it comes to wiring a building for data and communications, nothing gets the job done better, cheaper or faster than the 454 Series Universal Cable Management System from Snake Tray.

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Raised Floor Cable Management

5 Benefits of Raised Floor Cable Management

Architects and engineers have known for years about the advantages of raised access floors. In addition to creating an interstitial space for easy access to power lines and data cables, raised flooring eliminates the need for HVAC ductwork. Rather, climate-controlled air is pumped under the entire floor and rises up through diffusers.

Besides eliminating the labor and expense of fabricating sheet metal air ducts and vents reaching every floor and room of a building – in itself a major cost justifier – the removal of these obstacles allows for greater flexibility when running power lines and data cables, and contributes to increased airflow for better heat dissipation.

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