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In response to the emerging technology in Passive Optical Networks, Snake Tray has designed an application specific cable conveyance system to bring the fiber from the optical line terminals to the optical network terminals. Our patented hand bendable system is specifically designed to protect and secure the fiber cables in an easy cable management system that installs in seconds. PON Snake Tray protects and secures fiber cables while maintaining the proper bend radius for optimal cable performance. The universal built-in mounting rings can be installed either on a ceiling or wall.  Cables easily load from the side to save on the installation time. PON Snake Tray nests together for low cost shipping and easy material handling.  PON Snake Tray seamlessly interfaces with our PON Enclosures series. PON Snake Tray is available in 8 foot sections with a standard metallic finish or color-coded powder coat finish.


The University of Marylan
The University of Maryland Children’s Hospital’s tiniest patients depend on constant communication. The communications depend on Snake Tray! We are so proud to be part of the renovation of the new NICU center! 

The unit integrates decentralized nursing, relying on wireless handsets for exchange of data among physicians, nurses, and researchers, with communication available 24/7.

Project name: University of Maryland Children’s Hospital neonatal intensive care unit cable system replacement
Project type: System overhaul
Building type: Hospitals/health care facilities
Location: Baltimore
Timeline: July 2014 – May 2015


The new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a 37,612 gross sq ft unit on the fourth floor of the North Building on the University of Maryland Medical Center campus. Products specified to satisfy the cabling needs were flexible hand bendable cable tray and basket style high capacity cable tray. The design was incorporated into the electrical drawings to facilitate installation by the electrical contractor. The new NICU substantially expanded capacity and improved patient accommodations. The old NICU had 40 patient care spaces organized into five patient care areas in a 12,500 +/- sq ft unit in South Hospital. Four areas were ward-like rooms with seven patients per room allocated according diagnostic/treatment specialty. The fifth area was the step-down area, a suite of adjoining rooms for 12 more mature babies. Before the new space, volume at the NICU was 500 patients per year, with an average stay of 27 days, and a 95% occupancy rate. The new NICU has 52 patient care spaces in a 37,612 gross sq ft unit, with anticipated volume of 713 patients per year by 2022 with an average stay of 25.3 days and a 95% occupancy rate. Read more

CM 505-SK-0524-10-SS-304 REV-A With today’s demands to have technology at a passenger’s fingers tips, Snake Tray has created a patented cable tray to convey, aim and isolate RF cables along with traditional security and signal cables in one system for transit and rail tunnels. Snake Tray cable tray can accommodate multiple tiers of cable pathway along with a special separated pathway that isolates and aims the RF cable for optimal signal strength. Snake Tray nests together for economical shipping and easy material handling. Snake Tray comes in stainless steel to weather all environmental conditions.

Snake Tray manufactures a series of cable trays for Rail, Tunnel and Transit that are designed for quick installation to substantially lower the total cost of a project. All of our products are made in the USA. Come visit Snake Tray at Booth 2012 at the upcoming APTA Show in Houston.

solar logoSnake Tray is committed to designing and manufacturing products that have many green benefits. Our products are made of recycled goods, minimize material waste, are energy efficient, use less non-renewable resources and nest together to lower the cost of material handling and shipping.

As a company, Snake Tray is committed to manufacturing our products in a way that minimizes impact on the environment. We are proud to say we are the first in our industry to manufacture utilizing solar power from our own roof top solar array! We have streamlined our manufacturing methods and our building to adopt greener practices including reducing waste, saving on energy and utilizing resources wisely.

We are active members of the US Green Building Council and stand ready to help building owners, architects and design engineers reach their sustainable building goals.

iceSnake Tray is pleased to announce a new stainless steel Ice Guard for solar panels that prevents injuries due to falling ice. Snake Tray’s Ice Guard easily mounts to any type of solar panel manufactured. It is a great safety solution for high pedestrian areas including parking lots, train stations and roofs where injuries could occur.

Snake Tray is a leading manufacturer of cable management and power/data distribution solutions for markets and industries worldwide. All products are uniquely designed to save on labor and materials to decrease the total cost of construction. Snake Tray products are made in the USA.

Snake Tray was the pathway chosen and Installed at a large data center in Guatemala City owned and operated by Telefónica, the Spanish owned largest service provider in Central and northern South America.  The chief engineer chose 201 Series Snake Tray for his data cabling and 801 Series Power Mega Snake to distribute power to his cabinets. He said (translated from Spanish) “The instalation was quicker and neater than we even thought possible, and next to the Snake Tray pathways, the previously installed competitors products look like a toys.”

The engineer chose the products with the help of Eric Sadler, Snake Tray’s engineer in charge of Latin America.

We expect that Telefónica will use Snake Tray solutions in other data centers in other countries this year.

Snake Tray is pleased to announce its new current monitoring power reception module that allows data center managers the ability to observe the current of four independent power receptacles either numerically displayed on the device or offsite using HTML protocol. Data center managers can now easily set alarm criteria for circuit overloads. Module integrates with all Snake Tray cable trays or can be mounted on cabinets and racks.

Snake Tray is a leading manufacturer of cable management and power/data distribution solutions for markets worldwide. All products are uniquely designed to save on labor and materials to decrease the total cost of construction. Snake Tray products are made in the USA.

HIGH CAPACITY CABLE TRAY MEGA SNAKE NOW AVAILABLE WITH A SPECIALIZED FIBER OPTIC TURNOUT MODULEMega Snake, the high capacity pre-configured cable tray system from Snake Tray has a new cable turn out module specifically designed to safely manage fiber optic cables. The module maintains the proper bend radius as the cable exits the cable tray and protects the cable as it drops down.  There is a single or double turn out module available.

Mega Snake is a high capacity cable tray for overhead applications that is pre-configured to significantly decrease install time and labor costs. The patented rail allows for a series of accessories to make Mega Snake a complete system for managing cables and other power and data accessories overhead. Mega Snake’s patented nesting feature significantly saves on shipping and handling costs. Products are made in the US.