Cables in solar installations need to be managed for code compliance.Traditional conduit requires cables to be sized larger which costs more money. Snake Tray’s patented open architectural design allows the cables to be securely managed while allowing for proper airflow so cables can operate at full capacity.

Solar Snake Tray® – Hand Bendable Cable Management

solar snake traySolar Snake Tray is the only weatherproof, hand-bendable cable conveyance that quickly and securely carries DC circuitry from solar panels to their terminations. Change directions easily by bending Snake Tray with your own two hands
 Built-in mounting rings for a variety mounting options
 Trays connect together with a single connector for a 15-second bonded attachment tray to tray

 Patented “lobster trap” design ensures effortless outdoor cable installation while trapping and   protecting the cables from rain, snow or even hurricane force winds
 Maintains NEC compliance and eliminates the risk of using wire ties

Utility-Grade Solar Snake Tray®

utility grade solar snake trayUtility-Grade Solar Snake for Fixed-Mounted Plants provides a much lower installation cost than the traditional method of trenching.  It keeps cables exposed for the life of the plant for easier, lower-cost maintenance, and has all the other features of Snake Tray: it bends by hand to accommodate elevation changes, and packs densely for reduced material handling.


Snake Tray® Solar Panel Ice Guard

solar ice guardIce Guard for solar panels prevents injuries due to falling ice. Snake Tray’s Ice Guard easily mounts to the frame of any solar panel. It is a great safety solution for areas with pedestrian traffic including parking lots and train stations where injuries could occur.