Snake Canyon has revolutionized the way cable can be installed in computer access floors. This modular cable tray system instantly integrates with the existing structural elements of an access floor to create the fastest to install under-floor cable tray.

Trays can be moved and reused
One-piece drop-in cable tray module
As little as one tenth the labor to install when compared to other methods
No additional hardware or mounting legs required to buy, engineer, or ship
Trays integrate with 2″ x 2″ floor grid to install anywhere
Trays integrate with floor for strength and durability
Maintains proper air flow under the floor
Brings cable plant to the surface for easy access
Snake Canyon can be installed in any floor type including stringer less floors
Universal solution for all access floors systems
Snake Canyon integrates with the access floor structure
Creates new cable path above supplementary utilities
Installation requires no complicated hardware or techniques
No specialized labor or tools required to install
Can easily reconfigure to accommodate any future design plans
Creates ergonomic cable path for safe and easy access
Less wear and tear on installers and easy access to cable
Half baskets and turning components available
Trays can be easily configured for any cable plan
Complies with floor manufacturer’s warranties
UL Classified (Follow grounding per NEC)
EIA/TIA and NEC Compliant
Made in the US
Snake Canyon® Modular Cable Tray System