Enjoy big cost savings with the fastest, most flexible Power Distribution Solution!

Snake Bus is a modular power distribution system that offers the most flexibility in power distribution for workstations, call centers, trading floors and data centers.

Traditional methods of hard wiring equipment are eliminated with Snake Bus pre-configured components that allow you to instantly create your Snake Bus® Modular Power Distribution Systemspower distribution system.

Energy Efficient
Snake Bus’ innovative bus bar technology is more efficient than traditional copper wire. Bus bar technology experiences less voltage drop which can save on energy consumption.

Installations, adds, moves and changes are easily done with the Snake Whips (tap offs) that deliver power to individual devices anywhere along the track and can be moved with a 10 second connection.

Snake Bus’ three-phase advantage delivers 50 Amp 3-Phase 208 Volt providing up to 15 Kilowatts of power in one easy-to-install track.

Quickly install the power track, feed unit and tap offs to create your complete power distribution system. Simplified part system makes installation and retrofits quick and easy. Convenient 4-foot and 8-foot snap-together tracks configure to any size power distribution system to meet your particular application.

Provides both the equipment and isolated ground in one single system.

Snake Bus’ slim profile fits in a space less than 2 1/2-inches in height allowing for proper airflow under an access floor. The flexibility of the linear design complements workstation and data center layouts.

Snake Bus uses approximately 30% less copper than traditional wiring methods. The system is completely reusable and moveable.

NRTL Listed to UL 183

Snake Bus and Snake Tray Power Distribution has been chosen by many Corporations and Government Agencies for their power distribution solution (partial list):
BP North America
Calamos Investment
Army Corp of Engineers
Ashland Oil Company
US State Department
Barclays Bank
New York Stock Exchange
US Postal Services
Alterra Healthcare