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Zone Enclosures
Zone cabling enclosures add flexibility within an open-office environment
or data center environment.

Wall Enclosures
• Provides a flexible consolidation point in the wall
• Plenum-rated with optional fire-rated foam sealing kits
• Simplify moves, adds, and changes
• Use as a telecom enclosure for cabling flexibility

Ceiling Enclosures
• Installs flush with drop ceiling
• Fully hinged drop-down doors support installed equipment and to open to face technician
• Active and passive styles available
• Integrated AC or DC power supplies
• Active cooling available

Active/Passive Raised-Floor Enclosures
• Fits in air handling space under 8″ raised floors
• Active and passive styles available
• House multiple mounting options for 19” components
• Rotating mounting brackets provides for easy access to rear of panels