Mega Snake allows crews to complete installations faster and reduce installed costs by eliminating labor-intensive steps and parts required by all other cable tray systems.

Mega Fast Installation
 Built-in suspension system eliminates costly brackets or struts
 Unique design connects trays in under one minute – far faster than other’ cable trays
Eliminates field fabrication of turns, T’s and cross sections (no cutting required)

Mega Smart Choice
Patented design installs faster than traditional wire basket tray
Pre-manufactured turns, T’s, cross sections eliminate laborious cutting and sharp edges
Unique nesting, stackable design reduces shipping and handling costs
UL Classified
Splice kit maintains a continual ground throughout the system
Mega Versatility
High capacity cable tray for high and low voltage cables
Overhead and under floor models Patented rail can be accessorized with electrical boxes, patch panels, wireless distribution boxes and many other devices



Built-in suspension system eliminates the need for costly and time consuming brackets or center strut supports.



Our pre-manufactured turns, T’s and intersections eliminate labor intensive cutting and clipping.



Accessory rail allows interface with other Snake Trays, patch panels, strain relief and fiber optic pass over devices.



Unique nesting stackable design reduces shipping and handling costs.