All of our products are made in the USA and designed to significantly cut construction costs with labor and material saving features:

Snake Tray® – the world’s only hand-bendable cable tray that requires no labor-intensive cutting and clipping in order to construct fast cable tray bends installs overhead, on walls and under access floors.

Mega Snake® – the most cost-effective high-capacity overhead cabling system in the market requires no fabrication! The system is pre-fabricated and accessorized to offer a total cable and power distribution system.

Snake Canyon® – the fastest installing cable management solution designed specifically for installation under any brand of access floors.

MC Snake Tray® the cable tray specifically designed to manage MC cables.Patented cable tray allows installers to load cables from the floor. No ladder required!

Snake Race Ways® – Snake Tray’s newest cable management system that offers a secure pathway. System uniquely designed with 12″ curved radius to minimize any non-compliant bend radius for all types of cables.

We frequently come face to face with our customer’s needs for solutions within the cabling network, power distribution, and data center environments.

Snake Tray continues to develop new innovative products that effectively solve problems in the cabling environment. At the heart of our inventive responses to our customers is a consistent focus on simplicity, ease of use, and reduced labor costs. Contact Snake Tray to discuss your next cable management project!

Contact Snake Tray to discuss your next Cable Management project!