Cable Management for Solar Installations that Drastically Lowers Installation Costs!
Cable Management for Solar Installations

Cables in solar installations need to be managed for code compliance.Traditional conduit requires cables to be sized larger which costs more money. Snake Tray’s patented open architectural design allows the cables to be securely managed while allowing for proper airflow so cables can operate at full capacity.

Solar Snake Tray® – Hand Bendable Cable Management

Solar Snake Tray® – Hand Bendable Cable ManagementSolar Snake Tray is the only weatherproof, hand-bendable cable conveyance that quickly and securely carries DC circuitry from solar panels to their terminations. Change directions easily by bending Snake Tray with your own two hands
Built-in mounting rings for a variety mounting options
Trays connect together with a single connector for a 15-second bonded attachment tray to tray
Patented “lobster trap” design ensures effortless outdoor cable installation while trapping and   protecting the cables from rain, snow or even hurricane force winds
Maintains NEC compliance and eliminates the risk of using wire ties

Solar Mega Snake – Pole Mount Installations

Solar Mega Snake is a UL Classified cable management for field mount installations that are capable of spanning distances up to 20 feet!

Designed with integrated supports
Built-in mounting rail for attaching Combiner Boxes
Optional seismic dampeners
Nests together for economical shipping and easy material handling

Solar Messenger Snake Tray – Clips on Messenger Wire

Solar Messenger Snake Tray is a clip-on cable tray that instantly hangs from messenger wire with integrated mounting hooks. No hardware required!

Ideal for long distances
Quickly clips onto messenger wire rope
Nests together for economical shipping and easy material handling

Snake Tray also manufactures a series Solar Accessories:

Solar Snake Charmer– Manages cables on the solar panel
Snake Foot®–Ballasted Roof Mount Anchor for Cable Trays and Conduit
Snake Tray® Combiner Box –Self ballasted combiner box for roof mount installations
Snake Tray® Solar Racks – Solar Racks – Racks for Roof and Pole Mount Applications