Designing the Right Solutions for our Customers!
Custom Power Distribution and Cable Management Systems

With Snake Tray’s state of the art factory and knowledgeable engineering and design team we can help solve project-specific problems in cable management, power distribution and airflow management. Most often we can design a solution and fabricate a prototype within a day so there are no delays on your projects.

Examples of custom solutions:

Johns Hopkins University
Problem: Historic building did not have any telco closets to house IT equipment
Custom Solution: Snake Tray worked with the primary architect to design and build architecturally detailed enclosure to conceal and support their network equipment.

Barclays Bank
Problem: Facility could not accept traditional methodologies of managing cables.
Custom Solution: Snake Tray designed and built a series of cable management products to work around the existing structures.

State University of New York, Oswego Campus
Problem: University needed to upgrade cable management in dormitorities
Custom Solution: Snake Tray designed an enclosed and secured cable pathway that could be easily installed into the dormitory rooms.

Problem: Customer wanted electrical distribution system mounted to the overhead cable tray
Custom Solution: Snake Tray designed custom electrical distribution enclosures to mount directly to the Mega Snake overhead cable tray.

Kroll Associates
Problem: Customer wanted the overhead cable tray to be free standing (not attached to the ceiling or cabinets)
Custom Solution: Snake Tray designed a full height floor support for the Mega Snake overhead cable tray system.

Government Facility
Problem: Customer needed a plug-in system for fiber to the workstation that required less time to install
Custom Solution: Snake Tray designed a custom plug-in recess floor mount distribution module that required less time and labor to install