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Snake Tray has been innovating cable trays, cable management systems and power distribution solutions since 1996! Our goal is to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions that help reduce the total cost of construction. Snake Tray products are stocked throughout the US to guarantee no delays to our customers. Our 24-hour technical support gives customers the opportunity to speak with us at any time to discuss their projects needs. We welcome the opportunity to help design innovative solutions that help your projects install faster.

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Universale Cable Management Solution
The 454 Series: A Universal Cable Management Solution

Architects and engineers know that using prefabricated materials when designing and building commercial structures speeds project […]

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5 Benefits of a Pre-wired Power Distribution System for Raised Floors

Architects and engineers have known for years about the advantages of raised access floors. In addition […]

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California Title 24 Building Compliance & Power Distribution

The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards require builders to meet ever-evolving criteria for energy […]

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