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Snake Bus® Technical Data

Rated Current 50 Amps
Rated Voltage 120/208 3ǾY - 277/480 3ǾY Volts
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Conditional Short Circuit Rating (Protection device) 16 KA
Conductor Resistance Line & Neutral 1.0 mǾ/ft
Conductor Impedance 1.5 mǾ/ft
Volt Drops Line & Neutral Snake Bus® 1.0 mV/A/ft
Feed Unit + Coupler 2.2 mV/A
Tap-Off 0.73 mV/A
12 AWG 4.4 mV/A/ft
Coupler 1.5 mV/A
Interlink 4.5 mV/A
8 AWG 1.71 mV/A/ft
Number of Copper conductors 2, 3 or 5
Conduit Cross-sectional Area Nominal 3.3 AWG
Snake Bus® Casing Copper Equivalent (Where casing is Ground) 3.3 AWG
Cable Termination Capacity 4 AWG
Tap-Off Cable 20 Amp 12 AWG
Tap-Off Conduit Sizes 1/2 Inch UL1
Flexible Interlink Cable 50 Amp 8 AWG
Flexible Interlink Conduit 3/4 Inch UL1
Feed Conduit Entry 2 x 1" Inch
IP Rating 40
Minimum void depth (track + tap-off) 2 3/16 Inch
Snake Bus® Casing Galvanized Steel
Conductors High Conductivity Copper
Snake Bus® Insulators PBT
Sockets/ Tap-Off Plugs/ Joint Molding Polycarbonate LSF
Shutter PBT
Tap-Off / Interlink Flexible Conduit Galvanized Steel UL1
Tap-Off Cable ULI063 Type MTW or THHN
Tap-Off / Coupler Blade Brass Silver Plated
Feed Unit Case Galvanized Steel
Flexible Interlink Cable ULI028 Type TEW or THHN
Feed / Flexible Interlink Housing Galvanized Steel

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