Cost Effective Solutions for Power/Data Distribution and Airflow Management.

Snake Tray designs and manufactures a series of solutions to distribute power, data and air under access floors, on walls and overhead.All our products are designed to install quickly and require less complicated hardware to install. We have in stock solutions and can also work with you on a custom solution.

Snake Bus® Power Distribution for Access Floors-This pre-wired power distribution for access floors delivers 50 amps, 3 phase, 208/120 volts providing more than 15 kilowatts of power in an easy to install track and electrical whip system. Snake Bus eliminates the need to hard wire equipment and al

Snake Box® Power and Data Distribution Enclosures- Snake Tray has the engineering know how and manufacturing expertise to build any type enclosure to distribute power or data or both. We have a variety of in stock enclosures and can also work with you to design the right enclosure for your applicat

Snake Air® Airflow Managers -Managing airflow is crucial in keeping sensitive equipment from overheating.Snake Tray manufactures a series of airflow managers that are easy to install and cost effective.

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